Montgomery County Down Syndrome Interest Group (MCDSIG) of PA




Who we are & what we do:

Montgomery County Down Syndrome Interest Group (MCDSIG) is a nonprofit group without member dues.
We exist to support individuals with Down syndrome and their families and friends through mutual support and guidance, and to assist in increasing the overall social understanding and acceptance of Trisomy 21.

We accomplish this by:

  • Promoting inter-family communications.
  • Providing information.
  • Host social functions.
  • Provide hospitals and doctor offices with welcome and informational packets.
  • Support other organizations that share our interests

Interfamily Communications

The most valuable information comes from the other families. Our group promotes interfamily communication by:

  • Providing guidance and information to new parents and new families on available services, options, care centers, etc.
  • Providing situation-based mentoring and mutual support with other families.
  • Fostering an open forum where individuals can meet socially to get to know each other better and build closer relationships.

Host social as well as informational meetings to increase interfamily communication

Provide Information

There is a sea of information out there that applies to us.
We bring it to you and help you navigate through it by:

  • Providing information through presentations and targeted information sharing topic appropriate issues such as estate planning, transitioning, inclusion, health issues, etc.
  • Offering professional speakers.
  • Communicating events that could be of interest to our members.

Host Social Functions

Throughout the year we host and support social functions. Our social functions increase member interactions and raises public awareness and acceptance of DS. Our social functions include:

  • Spring Fling – This informal event occurs in May. We normally have it in a gym and the kids get to run wild. There is no cost associated with this function.
  • Pizza In The Park – This happens in September. We meet at a playground. There is pizza and informal mingling. There is no cost associated with this function.
  • Holiday Party – This happens in December. This is a more formal gathering with cost associated with the function.
  • Age Appropriate Socials – You and your children get to meet others that are similar in age and experience.
  • 3-21 Eat Out – Raise awareness of DS by eating out at a local restaurant(s) on March 21st.