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Contact the Montgomery County Down Syndrome Interest Group.

We can answer your questions or put you in contact with someone who can answer your questions.

We can also try to put you in touch with a family who is similar to yours (dealing with same medical issues, have children same age, live close by).

Call Rose Townsend at 610-754-1483.

Why do we ask?

If we know what you are experiencing, we can connect you with others who have had similar experiences.

For example, if your child has a medical issue, such as a need for surgery, there are other families who have been through this and would be happy to share what they have learned.  Or you may have received a prenatal diagnosis and would like to talk to other families who learned of the diagnosis this way.  Or it may be helpful to talk with families who have children the same ages as yours to get advice on sibling relationships.

Also, Montgomery County is large and finding families who live in your own neighborhood and school district can be very helpful.   Please share anything you feel will help us to get you the support you need.


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